Sunday, 12 March 2017

Elders Smith and Smith: Coming Soon to a Digital Device Near You

What makes your day as a missionary? Not meetings. Definitely not meetings. But I'll get back to that. What makes your day is when a completely random idea makes an impact. Especially one you'd never have imagined.

Last year, Elder Thorkelson and I made malva pudding (a South African recipe) for an investigator family. Okay, we've only had one lesson with them, but I say it counts. It was their Christmas gift. After following up to get our pan back - yes, I baked it in a pan, don't judge me - they replied with something unexpected.

Turns out they had a hectic holiday. Their kids were in and out of hospital. Their schedules were busy. And they just didn't have time to do stuff. They expressed their heartfelt thanks for a thoughtful gift that brought relief. Which they shared with a neighbour. We'll be seeing them this evening.

Yes, it is the little things that count.

Earlier this week, we were able to help a family moving out of the ward. Normally missionaries are the ones leaving. We fixed up the fence, painted the house, and moved around odds and ends. At the end, I requested a photo, and they recommended we have all the tools I've worked with in the shot. See below.

Again, the week continued with powerful lessons, new investigators, and further preparation for an investigator on date for baptism. We now have her friends and neighbours in our teaching pool. It also turns out that she is related to a less-active member of ours. She pointed it out when she saw her nephew update his profile picture with Elder Harp and I in it. Hear that, a soul my son touched!

Speaking of which, we found him in a place we never expected. We saw his brothers - who weren't all that interested when we met. But with some magic (or Spirit) we ended up having a braai and peaking their interest. Saying a little prayer always helps. We'll be seeing them on Thursday again.

Now, for the not so nice part. Meetings.

Meetings. Meetings. Meetings. That's what we had this week. District development meeting on Wednesday - Repent to teach Repentance. Powerful lesson on how we need to live what we teach. Mission leadership council on Thursday. Many, many changes, considerations, and insights. That took just about all day. And zone conference on Friday. Again, just about all day. We were instructed well on the importance of temporal laws inviting the Spirit.

Those of my group were also able to bear their testimonies. I shared on the love that I'd seen, and the love that I'd grown as a result of this service. An interesting correlation I noted as well, with many testimonies starting with knowing our Father and Saviour love us.

So, I'd like to bear testimony of that. Heavenly Father loves you. I know he does. Our Saviour loves you too. In a very personal, and real way. Never doubt that. No matter what happens, you always have them backing you up. And if it's any consolation, I'm right there with them (on a much smaller scale, that is).

Also, shout out to Elder Knight. Looking forward to our day together Thursday. Stay handsome 😶. I mean, be prepared. We'll be working😈 .

Oh, and tomorrow, Elder Smith and I get to teach the together. That's right, Elder Smith and Elder Smith will be teaching about Joseph Smith. Yes, I'll take photos.

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