Monday, 5 December 2016

Share the Light

This festive season has started out with a bang! Okay, not literally. But a bang nonetheless.

On a human nature, my companion and I have worked through some communication barriers. Not perfect, but enough to still love each other and be good friends. For which I am grateful. Something a mission teaches, which'll be invaluable with future relationships.

Thursday was Worldwide Day of Service for those following this year's Light the World initiative. A couple of members were able to join us removing over a year's worth of garden refuse, which we only completed on Saturday. Elder Thorkelson turned bright pink as a result of the sun.

We were pleased to learn that the family we did service for is willing to have us over for missionary discussions. Service. Service is the key; the way to soften the hearts of men, or simply being in the service of our Lord (Mosiah 2:17).

Even a family I met one year back has returned - and immediately roped us into helping her move. It's all part of the Christmas Spirit.

Speaking of which. We had a ward Christmas party with Hillcrest, and several investigators, less-active members, and other none-members showed up.

One lady in particular made an impact. My first Monday with Elder Thorkelson had us meeting her at Pick 'n Pay, as we were getting some groceries to stock the empty boarding. She stopped us, recognising our name tags and attire.
"I was having an argument the other day, and I couldn't remember if you believed in the Holy Trinity or not," she probed, not even a second's thought.
"Well, we believe that God is our Father in Heaven, and that Jesus Christ is our Saviour," I answered.
"Yes, but do you believe that they're one or separate."
"If they came to us right now, they'd be two separate Beings, but they're definitely one in purpose.
"Thank you. That's one thing I cannot accept. I might believe anything else someone tells me, but that's one thing I know. The Father and the Son are separate. I don't know how anyone could get that confused."

Anyway, she came to Church. She came to the activity. There we were able to introduce her to one of the first missionaries to ever teach her. Thirty eight years ago. He's now a member in Hillcrest, and the reunion was splendid.

Goes to show. No effort is wasted. Seeds planted thirty eight years ago are beginning to be reaped.

Another lady who'se been less active for twenty years showed up at Church on Sunday out of the blue. She just moved back to Hillcrest, and is ready to come home. A young primary boy approached her son, and asked him to accompany him to their next class. It was phenomenal to see someone notice (at such a young age). May we all learn from that and make sure new faces never pass us by without at least a hello or my name is... what's yours?

The Gospel is true. I am grateful to have a place I can call home - my Saviour's home. I hope we can all remember him this Christmas season, and reach out to share that light which we've been given.

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