Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Missionary Work

Remembering that people are people - and that having fun makes things better.

My companion looked at me, almost bewildered. "Did you just do that?" he questioned, then burst out laughing. I fist-bumped the Bishop. What? Bishops are allowed to have fun. Tell you what, he kept a commitment to share his testimony with a complete stranger. You should have seen him when he related the story. He was happy; using hand gestures, and everything. Missionary work exciting. The thrill that comes after simply sharing. Whatever happens after is their choice. I then invited him to share that experience with another member. We fist-bumped, and went our separate ways.

In the words of Elder Harp, "It was awesome!"

Another member showed us a picture he took of Elder Harp and I, then posted it on Facebook with the title Elder Smith and Elder Harp - reminding us that missionaries are still awesome. I've been trying the say it as it is method. The post made me happy for more than one reason. It's a brilliant way to do missionary work.

We've been having a lot of opportunities inviting people to Church, and were overjoyed when a new couple came for their first time this Sunday. Our Ward Mission Leader does a wonderful job at greeting new faces. I've found that simply saying Hello makes a huge difference. Doesn't matter who you are. Hoping that we don't let the new faces go ungreeted. Also, don't forget the old... I mean, seasoned ones.

It's been a good week. We've been busy. We've read the Book of Mormon with many people, and it's always left us with smiles on our faces, answers in our heart.

We even had a family phone us last night, after much work, saying they have an appointment for us next week. This is truly exciting as they felt the Spirit prompt them to speak to them, and this family has expressed the desire to learn more about our Church doctrines. In the wife's own words, We've known each other all this time, but I still don't know anything about your Church's beliefs." We have lunch together next Sunday t discuss exactly that.

The Lord loves us. Missionary work is exciting. And so long as we keep trying, and never give up, anything is possible. Never lose hope - things will always work out.

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