Monday, 27 June 2016


The week previous proved to have its own can of worms. No, they weren't all sour, but sour is where I'll start. Please keep up, because I'll have the sweet thrown in.

First, I bought custard which tasted weird from the get go. Yes, I still ate most of it. Then it went off. Or, rather, way off. At checkout I met a man who seemed more beaten than that boxer whose name I don't even know. Life had gotten him down. In his abyss, however, he still identified me as a "mormon missionary: one of the nicest people alive." His words, not mine. He'd been visited more than a year back and now, being in Newcastle, desired to meet again. We exchanged contacts, I wished him for his birthday, and he thanked me for not judging him. At that moment he needed love.

Second, a recent convert of ours was brutally honest when my companion, Elder Rakotomalala, asked if she'd like me to sing. What do you think the answer was? I straightened my shirt and dusted my shoulders (no, not my feet), shrugging it off. The lesson went well, though. You can only imagine, extra homework. Relax, I'm only kidding.

On Tuesday we drove (which means I drove) to Dundee to pick up my new companion for the day, Elder Baumgartner. That sounded like murmuring, didn't it? Not at all. I enjoyed being with him - except for his persistence in requesting my sister's email address. Sigh. The challenges of being an older brother. And the driving. Have I mentioned that I don't like driving? Well, I don't like being a passenger either. Thumbs up to being me. That day I was able to witness strong desire and perceive a change of heart from times before. I was honoured to feel his witness and invitations to read the Book of Mormon and seek out the Gospel. There's always something to learn, and learn I did.

Oh, and he locked the keys in the car, an expensive mistake I experienced back home, thrice. I'm glad- You know what? I'm not going to jinx it. Where was I? Oh, James. That's the name of the Garmin we're using. He kept us on the road way longer than needful. He tried taking us on roads that don't exist and kept saying "turn right" when he meant "continue ahead". And just because I'm not supposed to hate, I'll say I strongly dislike James. Fine, I'll repent. On the plus side, we conducted a baptismal interview.

Following those worms, we had the privilege of teaching our Elders Quorum President's girlfriend in our Relief Society President's house. The testimonies borne were sweet to the taste, with the young children answering many of her questions. By young I mean 6 and 8 years of age.

On Friday we had meeting after meeting. At least my first aid knowledge will be put to use (again). Unfortunately, one of my favourite investigators messaged us to excuse himself from our appointment. That worm was sour. Another investigator of ours, preparing to be baptised, began giving physical requirements for the person he'd like to baptise him. Not too tall. Not too short. Not too fat. I didn't even know how to deal with that one. I guess we'll have to have another lesson on the priesthood. That, but maybe he was being facetious. I do that sometimes. Shrug.

Saturday was its usual self. Same colours. Same events. Or, should I say, lack of events. Nobody was home. Few people were sober. And even fewer had the time to listen to us. Fortunately, we met with an investigator of ours preparing for baptism in the coming weeks. While teaching the law of chastity he turned to our Elders Quorum President and said "It appears our relationship is over." Yes, that was a joke. I'm still getting used to his humour.

On Sunday we started practice with the branch choir. Four investigators attended - and three really enjoyed it. Our Elders Quorum President's girlfriend said she'd much rather grab a ball and go play, but she was hungry, so a few of us stayed outside with her and spoke about lots. In the end we set an earlier appointment for Tuesday instead of waiting two weeks. Sometimes people just need a little bit of warming up.

All in all, it was a good week. The Lord is in it and I'm honoured to be witnessing these tender mercies. Many of which are not in this update. I'll try and add as many tender mercies as possible.

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