Monday, 27 June 2016


"No questions. I understand."
The room grew silent for a moment as the young man, Bongani, looked toward his friend. "When did you join?"
"A couple of weeks ago, but I'll be getting baptised on the 10th of July."
Bongani nodded his head and turned the question over to his other friend, President Mlangeni.
"I've only been to that activity on Thursday and Church this morning, but I've decided I want to join."

Talk about golden. I've often wondered how it is that some are just prepared and others are not. There have been times where I've poured my soul into lesson plans, never-ending prayer, door-knocking-galore, and Spirit-filled encounters. I've taken members to their friends and investigators to members. We've toured chapels, seen tears, and still -- the pool has been dry, the people have been stubborn. Though the praying never ends, the studies continue to enlighten, and Spirit-filled encounters come almost without fail, I find that experiences changes. Like now, the golden seem to shine.

But we need to acknowledge the opposition to appreciate the bliss. For example, one investigator, fully convinced that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, requested to remain a member of his church until the year is over. Next year, however, he'll consider joining what he feels to be true. More than anything, I'm confused. Yes, I understand that change is difficult, but still.

Another investigator, whom I reported on a little while back, has been coming to Institute and activities. We even had an extra lesson out of his request. On Friday he sent a message through the grapevine to tell us that he wouldn't be available for our appointment. With no reply regarding his attendance on Sunday, we were left in anticipation. Sunday came and many pitched, but not him. We went to his house later that day, finding his cousin who went to call him. After hearing an exchange of words, his cousin tells us that he's not around and sends us to another house.

Guess what? He wasn't there. Eventually we returned to the car and sat. Our member present spotted him at his house (and he saw us).

"Should we go?"
"If he wants to see us, he'll come."
So we gave it a moment.

He came. Turns out that his mother was home on Friday so he decided to spend time with her (as he hadn't seen her in a while). Valid reason. On Sunday he wrote an exam (he's studying engineering at the moment). I strongly despise schools and open learning programs that require people to go to school on a Sunday. We had a good conversation and lesson - he agreed to fast and pray and be more diligent in preparing for his baptism.

Don't look at me like that. Naive is not the word. It's faith.

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