Monday, 23 May 2016

Photos Galore!

The week has been filled with experience. From Osizweni to Ladysmith. In the houses of strangers to a splended 110 people at Church. However, this week I'll post photos, since I've struggled doing that for quite some time.

Wait, maybe I'll share an experience with one particular investigator as well. He came to Church, again. And what happened, no one could have expected. Someone who stopped going to Church because his family stopped forcing him to go willingly sang, and contributed in our various classes.

But on Friday, he made my heart sink. We had a seven o'clock appointment with him and a few members, but he was nowhere to be found. He wasn't answering his phone and it was getting late. One of our members who had seen him earlier that day attempted to call as well, but there was still no answer. We were about to wrap up when her phone began ringing. It was 8pm and he was apologising profusely, asking if he could still join us for a lesson that night. Phew. He wasn't avoiding us.

Don't laugh... it happens.

On Sunday he was speaking with a member of the District Presidency. It turned out that they're related. Not knowing our investigator was not a member, the counselor in the District Presidency asked if he could baptise his grandson in the coming weeks. Not too long and we were all at an understanding, but now our investigator is more than enthralled at the idea of baptising his family members. We have him!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the long overdue pictures.

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