Monday, 25 April 2016

An Interpretation of Jacob 5

Jacob 5 is the famous, sometimes infamous, seventy seven verse chapter that speaks of Israel's apostasy, the restoration in latter-days, the Saviour's millenial reign, and judgement. Though, as in many allegories, their is much than can be learnt. The following is an interpretation that is sometimes closer to the individual. I must note, however, that it was a young boy who pointed out that God prunes people by testing them with challenges and hardships to soften their hearts. So who said children couldn't understand?

The Lord took His people and taught them of His ways. They grew, but as they got older their eyes turned to the world and they began to be polluted. The Lord saw this and chastened them with many afflictions that they might remember Him (Helaman 12:3). Much time passed before a few you, tender, and righteous people came forth.

It grieved the Lord that He should lose His people, so He took the young, tender, and righteous ones and sent them to places other than home - that they might be strengthened and supported, yet maintain their purity in such foreign lands. In their stead He placed strangers that they might work together with those who had been polluted.

For it grieved the Lord that He should lose His people, so again He sent them afflictions and challenges that they may be tender and that they may remember Him. The Lord took one and left him to watch His people.

After some time, the Lord was pleased to see the righteousness which flourished. Those who'd been polluted saw the strangers and remembered the truth. Those who'd been sent remembered and kept strong. Even in unfavourable circumstances His young, tender, and righteous ones continued in purity and brought others with them. However, some which had been put in favourable circumstances (good house, good family, good education, good job, etc...) forgot the Lord.

The Lord desired to destroy them to preserve His young, tender, and righteous ones, but the servant said, "Let us teach them and chasten them a little longer that perhaps they might turn from their ways and remember thee."

Much time passed and it grieved the Lord to find that all His people had become corrupted. But the Lord knew the hearts of His young, tender, and righteous ones. So He set out to uncover what went wrong. It was their pride. They relied upon their own strength, and not on the Lord. So the Lord took His young, tender, and righteous ones (which had become corrupted) and sent them back home, together again.

For their sake, He did not destroy all the wicked ones, but preserved them that they might draw strength as His young, tender, and righteous ones worked to lean on Him. More servants were called to aid in bringing His people back to Him, and others with them along the way.

Soon His people would be judged, the righteous for righteous and the wicked for wicked. The Lord has been their from the beginning, and continues to call us, even in our afflictions.

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