Monday, 23 November 2015

Exhaustion, and Absolute Bliss

The weeks have been full. The days have been busy. And then, how much I've learnt. I can barely imagine what my life would've been without having been here. The Lord truly sets the path and, if we follow, oh the blessings we will reap.

So far, Chatsworth stands to be the longest area in which I've served. Adding that I'm serving here with another companion; Elder Varner from San Diego California. I don't know how much longer I can handle his amazement with all things South African. Yes, he's only been here for two weeks.

I can hear Sister Hul's words echo from my first few weeks on mission, "Well, I can tell you this - I know that you will be serving with an American companion. And I hope that changes your attitude."

That was a response to my sometimes often rant of not liking how Americans change things (like spelling, for example - it still drives me mad). Now, her words echo true as I serve with my second American companion. And guess what? His favourite word is onomatopoeia. He even knows what pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is. Yes, that means I like him, but don't tell him that.

Our first few days set the tone with powerful lessons, and still we're holding true. He calls us the A-team; him, myself, and the Holy Ghost. Let's just say, you can't say no to us. From people not being interested, to them inviting us to come back.
Though, we've also had the miserable day with absolutely no appointments pulling through. Still, the blessings continue to pour. Literally. We've been soaked by the rain twice in the last week. I don't think I've ever worked this hard, or been this exhausted before. We're sleeping like rocks with all the hours we're putting in.

Not to mention the precarious positions we find ourselves in. We had a Saturday evening baptism and, somewhere along the line, someone forgot to pull the plug from the baptismal font. So, when we went back the following day, without a towel, without spare clothes, we got creative. Let's just say that it would have been really awkward if anyone walked in.

The highlight of the week, though, would have to be our encounter with a lady named Ethel, and her family. We had a referral from the missionaries in Queensburgh, telling us to visit this lady and her family, so we set the appointment. And it just so happens that she lived right next door to a family we just started teaching the day before (also a referral - from a Roman Catholic man who doesn't believe anything we say).

Turns out, she wasn't home, so we started talking to her other neighbour, who didn't want anything to do with us. By the end of our conversation, we were invited back to share with the whole family.

Then comes the call from Ethel. "We're so sorry we missed you, please come back." We go back the following day, and five minutes in, everyone is laughing, and simply having a good time. The family asked us questions, we asked them questions, and it was just all out good.

Turns out Ethel is a less-active member of ten years, and her husband and children didn't know much. When we pulled out a copy of the Book of Mormon, you should have seen her eyes light up. She looked at it as if it was the most precious thing in all of existence. And my heart just melted. That's how important this book is.

She said that it has been ten years since she's even seen the book, and that her and the family had been going to other churches, but once you've tasted truth, you can't settle for anything less.

Her husband, Takesure, said that he wanted us to come back seven days a week (after work of course). Best reply to return appointment ever! We'll be seeing them again on Wednesday.

We're exhausted! We're booked! In complete demand - really, that phone doesn't stop ringing, and the days are full a week in advance. I love it! There are moments when the Spirit cuts so thick, and you see things the Lord wants in so much detail. He takes us to people, and he brings people to us. He shows us things we could never have thought of before, and it brings people so much closer to Him.

Trust Him! Give the book a chance. It means so much to us, and millions across the globe. It has changed my life, and it can also change yours.

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