Monday, 30 November 2015


Christmas is around the corner, and many have already begun their shopping, decorating, preparations, and invites for family gatherings, events, and year-end functions. The shops are bustling, the queues are full, and the wallets fading. The year is almost done - yet, it seems, the work has only begun?

Do we even remember the reason for the season?

In countless homes, anxiety peaks, breaking banks to provide the best. Many wallow, alone in this holiday season. Accidents rage, and the homes are empty.

We've lost its meaning. Forgotten its healing. It's time we remembered the reason - A Savior Is Born. Find out why.

This week we've gotten into doors, and come out stronger, knowing the hand of Lord was with us. We've heard voices echo boldly the joy that comes from hearing the truth that radiates from this glorious gospel.

One man said, after learning of the Restoration of Christ's Church upon the face of the earth, "I feel free!"

While one woman said, after being presented with the doctrine of pre-mortal existence, "It's like I was dead. Now, I'm alive!"

There are people just waiting to hear the truth. There are those whose hearts are softened, with hope given from the voices of young men - not known moments before.

Let us take the opportunity this Christmas season to give hope, and remember that a Saviour was born. Someone who could take away our sins, and take away our sadness.

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