Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Words of Life

When it happens, it happens. There's no going back, no rewinding, and absolutely no do-over. It is simply a matter of come once inevitability, but oh how splendiferous occasion. Food, cake, singing, and all-out good times.

If you haven't already guessed it, Wednesday, 23 September 2015, was my 21st birthday. It was also the last day of cool air, as that day's drizzle made way for the thick, scorching, heat-filled long weekend. And that just happens to be the time when nobody wants to see missionaries.

But that's enough of long, hot days. On the days just before, some of the most spectacular things happened. A man, out of the blue, walked up to us, and began quoting scripture from the Book of Mormon - word for word. Before we could say anything, he told us to keep on with the good work, and went - just as soon as he'd come. Neither my companion nor I recognised him from any of the chapel's we'd been to, but what an experience. It just happened so quickly!

On my birthday, we ended at a former member's house (working on re-baptism), and her son kept nagging for everyone to sing Happy Birthday so that he could give me my present. Wrapped in white paper, he'd gathered together four of his toy cars that not even his brother could touch. His mother had baked a cake and said for me to make a wish.

"And don't waste it on my baptism, because that's already happening!"

Oh, and that reminds me, I've got two new brothers, and two new sisters. They've adopted me, and would like to inform my mother that she'll be moving down to KwaZulu-Natal when my mission is over.

Another investigator, who's three and a half weeks cigarette free, made the best comment any missionary could hear, "I'm getting baptised, and nothing in the world's going to stop me!" Now he just needs to bring his girlfriend to Church.

Speaking of girlfriends, a member's girlfriend has been coming to Church for three years, and plans on getting baptised before the end of this year (1 November 2015 is the current goal). She, and her boyfriend, are helping us teach her Tamil parents.

The work is going great here in Chatsworth. That being said, the most memorable of encounters happened as we met with an inactive member of ours. Through Church history, we were able to identify a still-burning conviction for the gospel, with tender feelings concerning the temples of God, and the martyrdom of early saints.

A topic leading to the Johannesburg, South Africa, temple helped us share a special encounter at the same spot on temple grounds. A very special feeling pulling us toward that spot lingers in us, still, today.

For those who are curious, it's the path crossing the stream between the distribution center and the temple building.

I love the gospel. The experiences are just surreal. There is nothing like it! It's just true! Completely, and utterly true!

Look at me. One year, and nine months after my baptism, and I'm still excited. I know, it's still a short time, but even members who've been away for some time can still remember these feelings. It's all around us. My eyes are open, and I can see. Come taste the fruit, and feast upon the words of life.

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