Thursday, 2 April 2015

Zone Conference - and a Haircut

The past two weeks have flown by. I have attended my first Zone Conference, first Zone Training Meeting, had my first exchange, and continue to encounter powerful spiritual moments with investigators and missionaries alike.

First off, Zone Conference. This is a meeting where all the missionaries in a zone (an area consisting of districts - which consist of areas) come together. We had Lesotho, Bethlehem, and Bloemfontein zones together that week. President and Sister Zackrison aimed at the atonement as the focus of the conference.

More hope, more investigators, and more joy was the theme, and integrating the atonement was awe-inspiring. More hope, because the Saviour has made all things possible. More hope, because the Saviour paid the price for our sins. More hope, because the Saviour has suffered all pains, infirmities, and afflictions for us (Alma 7:11-12).

We look at faith and know that it is that perfect brightness of hope that gets us through our darker moments. We look at all the Saviour has been through, knowing that He is there for us every step of the way. We look at hope and know that this is the foundation to every success, and our means of getting through every challenge in life.

More investigators, because the gospel blesses lives. More investigators, because the more we reach, the more we teach, the more we bring to the understanding that He does, in fact, live. That means, more people brought out of darkness, and into the light that has brought us so much joy. We do this because of our faith, and that hope pushes us to do even more than we ever thought possible.

More joy, because that is the reason He sent us to Earth in the first place. His great Plan of Happiness was so that we could come and learn, experience, feel, and know. That through the Atonement of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, we can find rest from our labours, forgiveness of our sins, and peace in our trials.

We came to learn. It was never meant to be easy. But knowing that our Saviour came down and suffered all our pains to know us makes it that much more worth it. He has been where I have been. He has been where you have been. He knows us - He actually knows us. And, in all, He loves us more than we could ever imagine.

Each of us has a purpose in this life. If not, He'd never have sent us here. So don't give up! He needs you - and all that you can offer.

At the Zone Conference, I was able to meet Elder Webb (my Never Dad). He calls me his Never Son. Let me explain - I was supposed to serve in Lesotho, with Him as my trainer (Father). But Elder Martin did not have a license. Yes, we're blaming it on Him. And just as punishment, all the people in his area are calling him Elder Smith. So meet Elder Webb, the Father I never had.

After Zone Conference, I cut my hair. Yeah, there is this lady in our area, Nthabileng, whose daughter is a member (whom we just reactivated - brought back to Church). The first time we met she says, "Elder Smith, I hope you know that I'm your new hairdresser. Whenever you need your hair cut, you come to me.

At Zone Training Meeting, exactly as the name implies, we went over the training package and spoke a bit on planning and habits. Habits - the reason for every success and failure that ever was, choose them wisely.

On Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Brimhall in Bloemfontein. The guy has insane gospel knowledge. Together we discussed doctrines (both deep and simple), studies responses to those who decide to Bible bash us, and prepared well to help an ex-member and his wife (non-member) quit smoking.

We also locked the keys in the boarding. Yep, we locked the gate with no way to get in. Fortunately, the door was unlocked and his neighbour was kind enough to lend us her broom. But much to our dismay, it was too short. We were then able to use it to drag the mop out of the house, which we were able to tie to the broom with a coathanger wire that just so happened to be lying around. With the support of Elder Brimhall's shoe, we were able to drag the keys out of the boarding and open the gate.

It was great. We even taught seminary that evening (scripture study class). Only one person pitched up, but it made the lesson that much more meaningful.

On to the rest of the week; I'm convinced tracting and finding is just a drudge way of filling time so that Heavenly Father eventually says, "They've been working hard, let me give them an investigator."

I'm serious. We were teaching this guy who doesn't seem all that interested and suddenly his friends pop up. We weren't able to start over with them, so we just continued with the Book of Mormon. We invite them to Church, and low and behold only his friends come. His friends who say that they will be coming back without us even asking them. We see them again on Thursday (they're students at UTC and UFS).

Oh, and I wish I knew before I came out on mission (so that I could have bought more long sleeve shirts) - in many beliefs, praying to God wearing a short-sleeve short is an absolute no go. So here's to washing my long-sleeve shirts often before I can buy more.

That's all the time I have now. Just know that you are all in my prayers, day in and day out. Mission is great. The people are great - even when they bail, even when they reject. We're all sons and daughters of God.

Stay strong. God loves you - and so do I.

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