Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Where is God in Your Life?

This past week has been an interesting one indeed. But before that, let me include a portion of the previous week I left out.

While on exchanges with Elder Brimhall, we were on the UFS (University of the Free State) campus to organise an open dialogue titled Porn: Bad or Good? with the purpose being To discuss the opinions and realities relating to porn, the industry, and addiction. We were trying to find people to help us with the formalities when, suddenly, the Student Council President walks up to me and says, "Do you need my signature for anything?"

As she read our proposal she seemed really interested and took her to her office to gain contacts to form a panel on the day. She gave us ideas for venues on campus and times most students would be available. Elder Brimhall and I then spent quite some time chatting to persons, students, staff and professors, from various departments regarding the dialogue - with some good expose on the Church.

It was a good experience - and reminded me just how much I miss being on campus. But we were there for work - and work we did.

During this week, however, I have noticed a concern we are having with many of our investigators - one we need to address creatively. When we teach, we feel the Spirit. When we teach, the people respond really well. But the moment we leave, and then return, we see that things they have committed to, they failed to follow through with.

And I began thinking, how can we get people to actually take the time out to read their scriptures? How can we get people to take time out for God? In this materialistic world, we see that many people are putting God third place. There is work and school, then their is family and social life, and then there is God. And it isn't right.

Fortunately, there are the few hopefuls who remind us exactly why we are doing the work. Like Tumelo, an investigator who bore testimony at Church yesterday, who is preparing to be baptised next week Sunday. His enthusiasm is inspiring.

My invitation to you this week is to see where God is in your life. Is He first place? Or is He third?

I love you, brothers and sisters. God loves you - remember that. Whatever you do, remember that.

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