Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Saviors on Mount Sinai

I’m going to be honest – after meeting Elder Beenfield and Elder Black, I watched an anti-Mormon video about the Temple and felt sick to my stomach. But these feelings were far from me when I investigated what the Temple was, when I sought council from the Lord in prayer, and especially when I went to the Temple and did baptisms for myself. It's interesting to see how easy it is to make something ugly, especially when little is know, especially when lies (or misconceptions) have filtered through.

It’s been a long time running, but ever since finding out about the Temple I’ve wanted to go. I spoke oft about it to missionaries (who simply kept quiet) and did my best to study as much as I could. I understand that what goes on inside is sacred in nature, but the truth is you won’t know exactly what goes on without experiencing it for yourself.

I mean, I knew all the technicalities before even going. The construct of the font as found 2 Kings 19, the ordinance as described in 1 Corinthians 15:29 and Doctrine & Covenants 125-128, as well as testimonies of fellow saints across the globe. In fact, I couldn’t understand why the missionaries said nothing of the matter when I finally went for the first time in February (I was gobsmacked to discover I could).

But it’s what happens inside that is sacred that we cannot share. Let me repeat, cannot. As much as I’d like to describe what goes on inside the Temple (with regards to baptisms for the dead), I can’t. Nothing would ever come close to describing exactly what happens, except for, maybe, the phrase “Saviors on Mount Sinai”.

It’s a redemptive work for those who were unable to do the work themselves. It’s a turning of hearts from generation to generation. It’s the fulfilment of Malachi and the understanding of salvation.

Though the Bible may appear to be vague with regards to this concept, it in no way disputes it. Though ancient prophets spoke rarely on the matter, latter-day prophets have spoken greatly on it. We see the dispensation of the fullness of times come to pass, and when you understand the significance of it all, oh how glorious.

I recall, as I went in, wanting to stay. I recall the sense of urgency as the Spirit testified of the importance of this work. And I recall that which I felt, that which I’ll never forget.

As the date for my endowments draws nearer, I feel a desire tug to go forward and do my father’s work. I’ve wanted to do it for a while now, but I haven’t been pushing hard enough to overcome the obstacles fighting against it.

Brigham Young’s words echo as the topic continues to appear.
“Our fathers cannot be made perfect without us; we cannot be made perfect without them.”
And I’m forced to remember the words etched in my Patriarchal Blessing.

It is my testimony that we have a loving Heavenly Father that provides a way for each of His children to be saved. How blessed are we to have temples in these last days? To have the sealing powers of heaven here on earth, even the authority restored through Joseph Smith, Jun.? Families can be together forever. And those who’ve died without a knowledge of this Gospel, had they have received it, shall be heirs to the Kingdom of God. Yeah, those who’ve died without the opportunity to have their work done, can have it done for them, through the Priesthood of God and His Temples. My Father’s work will be done and many shall rejoice as they are saved. Blessed be the Father and the Son, for they have made this possible.

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