Wednesday, 19 November 2014

It is He

by JG Smith

It is He, yes, that Great Spirit;
That created the heaven and the earth.
Yes, God is His name and in heaven He dwells.
Oh, and He loves us, how much He loves us.

Family He has given us,
In so much He has blessed us.
Truth He has given us.
The Gospel He has shown us.

But then, from faith we fell,
From presence we were cut off.
Men followed the lusts of their heart
And beguiled in sorrow, for they knew not their God.

The world looked out for God to save,
It cried out for the One and Only
And so many prophets He gave.
He's coming, He's coming, they said.

And so He came:
Revealing His truth... ministry and task.
He healed the sick and raised the dead.
For our sins He perished, so much He bled.

Back to heaven, He gave His Spirit
Such a great gift, of sins forgiven.
But then his disciples they killed
And saints they slaughtered.

Left to man, their churches started.
Even that dark and terrible age.
Doctrines rose, the Spirit wept.
"Listen!" "Listen!" it cried, to no avail.

Until one day a boy did cry,
In that sacred Grove.
A promise given of truth restored.

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