Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Never back down

Soon I'll be turning twenty two, and I've acquired something more than just countless experiences and friendships I'll cherish for eternity. I've acquired an allergy to cats. There goes my N/A on that portion of submission forms.

This past week we had a blast pairing members u with our investigators, and issuing baptismal invites to the families we have. One young man brought us to see his family, which ended in eight more people wanting to know more.

We have a member with the exact same name and surname as an investigator in our pool. They and their wives are now good friends, after just one meeting (well, two for their wives).

Another highlight was specialised training with our mission president on Friday. We were able to discuss important, and relevant matters. There was some role-play. Typically I enjoy role-play, but when it comes to teaching the gospel and introducing it to strangers... well, that's another story. Afterwards, we had interviews.

My quote of the week is, "If there's no demon within, the demon outside can do us no harm." It's an old proverb from someplace I don't recall.

It's okay to wrestle. It's okay to struggle. But never give in. Never back down. He's always there to lift us. And, if we start with ourselves, we'll always be okay no matter what.

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