Thursday, 4 August 2016


"Good day, sir. How are you doing today?"
"Fine. How are you?"
"Very well, thank you. What's your name, sir?"
"Dirk Jenkins."
"Pleased to meet you, Dirk. My name is Elder Smith and this is my companion, Elder Nyirenda-"
"Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?"
"No, we're missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
"Oh, I just had the Jehovah's Witnesses over for two hours. I go to the Methodist church just down the road. I'm actually on my way out right now."
"Not a problem, sir. Is it okay if we left you with something? We can come back when you're more available."
"Which part of the states are you from?"
"I'm actually from South Africa. I've just been around Americans for long enough that my accent's changed."
"I can hear that."

I've gotten quite used to having people assume I'm from the states. Not just members, but also complete strangers. At least it keeps the conversation going just a little longer.

This week I had myself a very strange dream. My companion and I had traveled to Johannesburg mission boundaries with an investigator of ours preparing for baptism that very weekend. We stayed at an old friend's house, and a missionary who took me teaching before I came out on mission was there with his companion. Elder Broadhead. Long story short, I woke up at 2am the Sunday morning, remembering that our investigator was supposed to be baptised on the Saturday. I woke Elder Broadhead up and he said not to worry, that he'd speak to the Bishop (who happened to be in the master bedroom of the same house). He came back saying it was sorted. I had to choose between three baptismal fonts; one the size of an olympic swimming pool, one half the size and another normal size. I chose the normal size, and we got the baptism sorted.

I must say, weird.

On Friday, we began meeting with a less-active couple who had just begun returning to church. Lovely people. Their faith is just at critical level. They asked some of the toughest questions, and we ended up just talking. Fortunately, they agreed for us to come back after having done some homework. They even accepted to do some homework themselves.

On Sunday we were able to teach one of our Ward Mission Leaders' gym partner (who brought his fiance). Though it was a long lesson, they accepted their own copies of the Book of Mormon and committed to read, ponder, and pray concerning its truthfulness. We'll see how it goes. We also had ourselves in demand, trying to rearrange our schedules and fit everyone in. That's missionary work - sometimes.

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