Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Back in Hillcrest - and Another Area

While buzzing gates, being shot own, contended with, and outright ignored, I stopped to take a breath. Elder Smith, why was this your favourite area? I remember being here with Elder Bryan. The two of us poured our sweat, blood, an tears into the area. We even had a running inside joke: Goodbye South Africa Durban Mission, welcome California Mission. We couldn't do things the same as we'd done in previous areas.

I remembered that very quickly as we spent hours tracting this week. One family was kind enough to allow us in and let us share... until we mentioned Joseph Smith.

Who is Joseph Smith?
Why do we need another prophet?
Why did Joseph Smith see God?
Did he die afterwards?
Where, in the Bible, does it say a man named Joseph Smith will see God?
The Bible also talks about false prophets! He must be a false prophet!
Maybe Go sent you to us so that we can save you!

And it went on and on and on... There wasn't even a second to speak. When they saw the Book of Mormon, they literally freaked! The contention in the room was so thick, it wasn't even worth answering. We eventually got them to allow us to leave with a prayer.

At Church, we attended two wards (something we'll be doing for quite some time). That's five hours of Church. My handy skills learnt in Osizweni came in when the Kloof Bishop called for an emergency conductor.

It was good to be back though. There were members I saw, progressed. There were investigators I saw, that made me happy. An there were smiles that went around. I pray the Lord allows us to witness their continued growth an the arrival of new and old faces.

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