Monday, 18 April 2016

Leaving the House of Bread

My time in Bethlehem has ran its course, and what an experience it has been. We were blessed to have a sacrament meeting attendance that was higher than normal - and that includes the average since my arrival. Elder Human and I have been working, and the fruit has been sweet.

My highlight so far would have to be an investigator staying in town. After much effort, and tireless schedules, we were able to watch with him a talk from General Conference. The room went somber, and he could barely speak. The Spirit was strong. I'm glad that we persevered, and continued to push (even when it seemed his schedule and our schedule would never meet). Bonus, he's already spoken to his fiance and prayed about a temple marriage (for all time and eternity).

Most of this week was met with preparations for two baptisms that happened this Sunday. However, we were also able to meet with and begin teaching two receptive families that requested for us to return. The house of bread has its potential, and with events soon to take place, it will continue to grow.

I received an email from a recent convert, and was blessed to hear his strengths in overcoming temptation. The motivation we, even as missionaries, receive is sometimes heartfelt and inspirational.

I know that the Lord has His people scattered across the face of the Earth. We are His harvesters, and we're bringing them in with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the anchor. Our prayer is that others are not lulled in with counterfeits or clever deceptions.

I am grateful that the Lord has provided for us a way of identifying these counterfeits, yea, even in the Book of Mormon. For we live in a world where even the very elect are being deceived - through education, politics, religion, and philosophies. We need to gather intelligence and prepare ourselves that we may be guided safely back home.

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