Monday, 28 March 2016

Without Words

Trying to find the works to describe how splendid the week really was, and so I sit... fingers at the ready, with eager intent. Nothing. The words, they fail to come.

On Friday we had an activity at the chapel with included a spiritual (to focus our hearts and minds on the Saviour and His invitation for us to follow Him), a First Aid presentation and demonstration - guess who did that, wiring plugs, fixing broken lamps, changing tires, and feasting on pap and wors.

We were privileged to have members (active and less-active) and non-members alike. It was especially a delight to see an investigator and returning member couple engage in the First Aid practical scenarios; to see them all feel at home.

On Saturday they each returned, continuing to spend time together while we - the missionaries - continued to work. Their eagerness and involvement has been uplifting - especially considering the service projects we had during the week. Busy, busy, busy.

On Sunday my companion and I were asked to give talks, him on showing love to the Saviour by keeping His commandments, and myself on knowing the Saviour and His life here on earth. Afterwhich, we were privileged to witness the baptism of a young man, currently attending university (with a desire to serve a mission). It was a joy to see him enter into this sacred covenant with his Father in heaven, and it was really good to have his parents there with him.

I'm continually amazed with the experiences the Lord allows me to have with these very special people - even though I'm barely able to scratch the surface on the not-so-weekly posts.

I'm reminded again and again, that if we ask God, He will show us the way (if we're willing to listen). A quote I've grown to love is, "Did you come to that conclusion on your own, or did you ask God?" Because on our own we;re able to come to many different conclusions, but with God we'll always find the truth, and the answers we need (even though they're not always the answers we want).

I hope and pray that we were all able to keep the Saviour on our minds this Easter season. Remember, everything He did was for us, but it means nothing if we don't do our part.

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