Monday, 17 August 2015

He is Preparing His People

"Good day, this is Elder Smith speaking."
"Elder Smith, this is President Zackrison speaking. How are you doing?"
"President Zackrison. I'm doing well thanks, and yourself?"
"Good. Good. So, uh, three areas in three transfers. I'm not exactly sure why, but I am aware. I don't want to apologise, but I do realise you work hard, and the members and investigators love you, and then you get moved just as soon as you got there. I don't know, how do you feel about that?"
"Uhmmm... To be honest, I don't really know. At this point, staying in one place for a long time would feel strange."
"Right. Right. Well, I just want to make sure that you don't think I think you're a bad missionary. In fact, you should take it as a sign that I trust you-- that I can use you wherever, and whenever, I need you."
You have it. Six weeks later, and this busy missionary is off to another area, back to Kwa-Zulu Natal; Chatsworth awaiting. It's time to see what the Lord has prepared in, now, an Indian area. Interesting timing, and curious as to the things that have been happening. The Lord has a wise and glorious purpose in all things, it's just up to us to watch (and work) as it begins t unfold.

This past week has been filled with nothing short of miracles. Starting with a young man named Harvey, whom Elder Santagane and I quite literally bumped into while walking the streets of Kroonstad. It turns out that this Harvey has a book filled with questions about God, the Gospel, and religion. And as we taught, the Spirit whispered, and I saw the immensity of his soul being filled with gospel light. He asked questions, and tears filled his eyes as we were able to answer them.

Yes, a pattern of the workings of the Spirit. I don't know why, but it's just something that happens. Even the other day as we watched the account of Wilford Woodruff, an early church leader. As this other young man watched, the Spirit touched so deeply that I didn't even bother teaching. All I asked was, "Can you feel that?" He looked at me. "I know you can feel something, because I can feel it too."
"Yes," he muttered.
"Do you know what that is?"
"That's the Spirit of God in you. And, if I were you, I'd do whatever it's telling you to do."
"That thing about baptism. I've never done it before, but I'd like to."
Even a little earlier, my companion and I arrived at the house of a family for the fourth time, attempting to meet with them for the fourth time. But they weren't home. Why, then, were we there? If the Lord knew they weren't home, why did He let us go? Why did the Spirit keep prompting us to return? We got out the car and knocked on the gate of the house across the road. The man invited us in and called his family of six together to "hear the word of the Lord". Powerful family, with the Spirit thick enough to cut.

Even a recent convert's wife, finally, sat down with us. And it was then I realised why the news of my mom's divorce caused me to ponder as much as I did. Though the circumstances were different, she expressed thoughts of divorce, but by the end of the lesson she and her husband were committed to working towards a temple marriage. All it took was a solid lesson on the eternal destiny of families.

The Lord is preparing His people. We just need to be ready to find them. I pray that He blesses you, and directs you to the place you need to be.

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