Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Exchanges and a Power Contact

The week has been an interesting one indeed. Starting with exchanges, reaching into powerful contacts, and ending with less-active members returning to Church after years passing by.

The clock struck 08:59 as Elder Payne and I came to the close of companionship study, the final hours of our companionship exchange. A message came in from a member stating, "Elders! We need your help with a blessing immediately. Please come." So we grabbed the consecrated oil and jumped into the Nissan Hardbody 2.5, heading to their home.

As we arrived, the husband of the powerful Sister said that he'd take us to the lady who messaged them for the blessing. It was a woman they barely knew, who wasn't even a member of the Church. The member dropped us off as the lady immediately identified us, saying, "Elders, come. I'll take you to the child. You also need to come see me when you're done."

It turns out that her neighbour's child actually needed the blessing. This lady had heard about the Church from a friend in Bloemfontein, and somehow came across a member's phone number after hearing the story her neighbour's had to tell.

We were invited into the home, and the family seated us down. Immediately things went straight to business - like we were living in the medieval ages, consulting a family on their circumstance. Or even Peter and John from the New Testament.

The family told us that their child hadn't slept in four days - and that none of the doctor's medicines were working. That the child would stay up at night as if it was looking at something; and they were convinced spirits were in their home. That was when they were about to go visit a Sangoma in the area. However, their neighbour turned around and said, "No! I'll call the Elders from that Church, they're powerful."

As we discussed this, I looked at the child and immediately noted that there was nothing physically wrong with the child. We proceeded to dedicate the house and bless the child, after teaching the family why were doing so and how they should continue in prayer, keeping the commandments for the dedication and blessing to continue in affect.

As we speak, the family is on baptismal date and committed to attending Church and receiving the missionary lessons. "We don't just want a few day friendship. We want an eternal friendship with you," they said.

After the exchange we met a lady who had worked next to the chapel here in Botshabelo, and she had always wanted to come in and see. However, she didn't know the requirements for attending the Church (whether she needed to be a member).

In her words, "I walked passed and heard them singing, and just felt uplifted. These people know what they are doing." So I invited her to Church, taught a brief lesson on prayer and exchanged contacts for a return appointment with her and her friend this week.

My sister will understand when I say, this girl is a writer/poet and her friend is an artist.

Anyway, that was the week. The Lord is mindful always and makes a plan for his faithful sons and daughters always.

Trust in Him.

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