Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Changes and Happenings in Bloemfontein

The week of transfers has come and gone, with interesting changes and happenings in the Bloemfontein Zone, and other areas in the South Africa Durban Mission.

It turns out that I wasn't the only new missionary to lose their Trainer. My Never-Dad was taken out as well - to serve at the coast - and we have a new Zone Leader with a new Zone Leader area; Elder Mabetha will be serving as the new Zone Leader with our old-new Zone Leader, Elder Brimhall, in Bloemanda.

On Tuesday, I was able to go out teaching with Elder Keizer - from Centurion Stake, where we were able to teach Tumelo's father. It was a powerful lesson. We even have his brother on-board. I look forward to seeing Heavenly Father's plans for them and the area.

Concerning my toe - it turns out that I had a badly ingrown toenail. The doctor cut it out, including the nail bed. Yes, it was (and still is) painful. Fortunately, however, I'll never have that concern ever again.

The couple missionaries (Elder and Sister Huls) are the kindest, and most loving, people I have ever met. Always willing to help. Always checking in. And always "just making sure".

Remember that things happen; they may be good, they may be bad. But Heavenly Father is always mindful. He loves us and He trusts us to learn the things we need to learn in the trials He gives us to experience. You are precious in the eyes of God.

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