Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Called to Serve

If missionaries found me, then why wouldn’t I do the same for another?

You’ve got it! I have received my call to labour in the Lord’s vineyard, to gather the wheat from amidst the tares. Yes, I know, cheesy reference, but brilliant hymn.

On the second of December 2014, I entered into President Msiza’s office to have my interview with him regarding my desire to serve. I was ill at the time, so our conversation was short, and the interview quick. Two days later, on the fourth of December 2014, he handed in my recommend to the Area Office here in South East Africa.

I remember the contemplations with others regarding how long it’d be before I received my call (and where I would go). President Msiza said, “Three to six weeks.” Others commented, “That’s quick.” But I didn’t realise exactly how quick until I actually received my call, exactly three weeks after entering the Area Office. That’s right; I received my mission call on Christmas day.

I remember waking up relatively early, especially considering how late I went to bed. I know, early to bed early to rise. I’m working on it. I was still chatting to a few return missionaries over Facebook. My mom was still in bed and my sister’s door was closed. My phone started to ring at 06:15. Who’d be calling at this hour? I asked. I left it.

After about an hour had passed, I had a look at LDS Tools, which informed me that I’d received a missed call from, dun dun dun, President Msiza. I phoned back immediately and felt my heart stop mere seconds before he said, “I have a present for you. Come pick it up at Alberton chapel at 09:00.”

I was excited, but in the cringe, screaming on the inside, silent kind of way. I walked up to my mom and she said, “What?!”

“My mission call is here!” I exclaimed.

I jumped into the shower, scavenged for clothes to wear. Slacks, slacks, slacks, where are you? White shirt, white shirt, white shir- I need an iron. Tie, tie, tie, where are all the ties?! Oh, wait, what?! Fine, I’ll wear that one. Socks, odd as usual, but no one will see that. Mommy, can I use the car?

And I was off. I arrived at the chapel exactly fifteen minutes early, ready to crawl out of my skin. And then he arrived, three minutes late. Shhh, leave me, I’m paranoid about time.

We gave our season’s greetings and departed almost as soon as he arrived. He was on his way to Centurion to spend the day with family.

I had my mission call! Greatest present ever! I messaged the missionaries to organise them coming over and spoke to my mom about the most appropriate time. 18:00 it was. I had to wait until 18:00 before I could do anything.

We went to my aunt’s house for the day and had Christmas lunch with her and my cousin. We caught up, chatted about stuff, chatted about the gospel. I got my cousin to download Gospel Library! So excited. Nobody in my family is a member, and very few are happy about it. It was great.

The not so great part was saying goodbye to my aunt. She was crying, and it almost made me rethink my mission, but we were able to reassure her that I wouldn’t be gone for too long, and that I will be back.

We went home, and found the missionaries right behind us. Perfectly on time! That never happens.

We got inside, cameras came out and I opened my call.

Durban South Africa Mission.

19 February 2015.

I didn’t even have my expected 120 days. Not even half that. The Lord truly does want me out on the mission field, as Elder Tew always said. Oh, and Elder Zulu was right. We sat one day before I was even baptised and Elder Zulu said that I’d be serving in his home area (Durban). Kuddos to him for receiving revelation on my behalf. It was probably a good guess.

Anyway, stay in touch! See Called to Serve. Sorry I don’t have a video for you to see; when Elders Broadhead or Wegrowski go home they’ll upload it to YouTube and I’ll have someone link it to LDS Smith. Can’t wait!

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