Sunday, 23 November 2014

From Aaron to Melchizedek

To quote the much acclaimed Isaiah,
"For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:" (Isaiah 28:10)

For every step becomes a journey and every line a story. From infant to elder, child to parent, and scholar to teacher; we're always learning, constantly growing. And the Lord would have it no other way.

Today, on the 23rd of November 2014, I took another step; from Priest to Elder - from Aaron to Melchizedek. And, oh, how glorious 'twas.

I woke this morning to find it raining - another confirmation from our Heavenly Father - and recalled the rain the day I was baptised and the day I was confirmed (and ordained and set apart as Priest) and the day I was set apart as Ward Missionary. In fact, it rained the night I decided to get baptised - how grateful I am to see that Heavenly Father would choose to use the same signs to confirm that this is His path for me.

Sustained at Stake Conference with fellow friends and Saints and family. My mom was there, my sister was there, my best friend was there, my sister's friend was there, and my other family (Brother Kevin and Sister Shan) was there. Unfortunately, Dylan was unable to make it.

Words of a hymn we sang (Onward, Christian Soldiers) emanates still:
"One in hope and doctrine
One in Charity"

The only thing that could've made this day better... Elder Tew (David Tew). Sadly, he's in America and it was 3am for him when the ordination took place. Speaking of which, I didn't record it for him. I should have. I wanted to. Shoust.

I can only remember some of what was mentioned as Brother Kevin acted as spokesperson (with a High Councillor and Elder Broadhead in the circle). Fortunately, there were witnesses, and together we can remember the Lord's council to me. I do remember that I need to council with my mom, family and Church leaders and that the Lord expects, also, that I be a missionary here, now, and when I serve a full time mission.

I'm grateful that I've been entrusted with the Priesthood which belongs to the Saviour Himself. I know that I need to keep the high standards set and that I need to magnify my callings and serve others to the best of my ability (the Lord will take care of the rest). I want to, and I know it is possible.

I'm grateful that my family was there. Yes, everyone that was with me today is my family. Their support and encouragement is truly appreciated and I love them - even though I may not say or express it as often as I should.

This is the Lord's plan for all His children; that they come nearer to Him and experience the blessings the Priesthood has to offer. And through this, we can all experience true joy and happiness. I know this, and I know that God knows this, and I cannot deny it. (To paraphrase Joseph Smith - God's chosen prophet in these Latter-days).

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